We are a collective group of individuals with different talents, gifts, and views that will capture your ear and eye.  You gon’ either be laughing or dancing before you leave this site!

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CY Kareem is delivering on his first single “We Cr3ating”!  EB Souf’s first single off his upcoming project has people saying “I’m L!t!!!”.  And Uno and the rest of the team come together to deliver a fun and international sound with “Compare to You”.

It's a wave
of life.

It’s harder to be fake than it is just to be yourself.  Your circle should be compiled of individuals who accept you for you.  If you feel judged in that circle or feel as though you need to change for them, then it’s probably not the right fit.

EB Souf

"Debonair Playa"

CY Kareem

"the Bad Boy"

Uno Wave

"Lover Boy"

Lo Wave

"The Mastermind"

Fino Wave

"the a-hole"

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